With the exemption of Shipping Documents* (for exports) all documents intended to have legal effect in Paraguay must be legalised by the Legalisation Section of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office / Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country where the documents are originated. Documents in foreign languages must be translated into Spanish. The jurisdiction of the Consular Section in London is: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Iceland.

* Please go to Commercial Documents for information on the requirements.


For legalisations within the United Kingdom, see the Legalisation Section of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office:


SENDING DOCUMENTS BY POST: Please contact the Consular Section regarding playment. Make sure to enclose a stamped addressed envelope for the return of your documents.

Documents and Fees. Law 4033/10
(For documents not enlisted, please contact the Consular Section of the Embassy)

Issuance of New Passport / Expedición de Pasaporte Consular


Travel Document / Salvoconducto


Visa Single Entry / Visa Simple*


Visa Multiple Entry / Visa Múltiple*


General Power of Attorney / Poder General


Special Power of Attorney / Poder Especial


Affidavit / Declaración Jurada


Shipping documents / Documentos de Exportación

- Invoice / Factura
- Bill of Lading / Conocimiento de Embarque
- Certificate of Origin / Certificado de Origen
- Packing list, Price list / Lista de Empaque, Lista de Precios






*As per reciprocity, the cost of Visa varies depending on the country:


Single entry        

Multiple entries







New Zealand:     













Holders of ordinary passports of the following countries can obtain Visa on Arrival to Paraguay borders: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, Taiwan, USA. The prices applicable for visas on arrival are the same as per the details above.        


  • By cash (exact amount only). For the time being, only cash payments are accepted.
  • By cheque payable to:
  • By bank deposit (proof of deposit such as deposit slip must be provided before legalisation).
  • Before legalisation, proof of deposit must be provided (deposit slip).
  • VERY IMPORTANT: For transfers made from outside the United Kingdom: Due to internal bank procedures; all payments must be made in Pounds Sterling. To avoid delays in processing your documents, please ensure that the required amount reaches the Consulate’s account in full and without deductions of any fees (some banks deduct fees from the amount being sent. Such charges must be borne by the sender).

Bank Details

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